Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, or just looking for extra money on the side, there are plenty of home based business opportunities for women. Of course, any home based business opportunity can be successfully run by men or women. However, there are some types of businesses that are more popular with female professionals.


Below, I’ve compiled a list at some of the best types of home based business opportunities for women.In no particular order, here they are…


Home Based Business Opportunity #1 – Medical Transcription


Despite the fact that medical transcription is mentioned in my article about home based business scams, there are some legitimate opportunities available. A medical transcriptionist converts voice-recorded reports into text-based reports to help keep patient data and other information up-to-date.  Even though this is still a viable option, it’s worth mentioning that the improvement of speech recognition (SR) software has, in some cases, eliminated the need for transcription services. On the other hand, numerous medical transcriptionists still provide additional services such as proofing and editing the compiled text.


Home Based Business Opportunity #2 – Virtual Assistant


The beautiful thing about today’s technology is that it allows numerous people within various professions to work from home. Online file-sharing services, virtual phone conferences and meeting platforms, VoIP services, and more have all made this more possible than ever. One of the most notable services is probably Skype which allows anyone to communicate through voice or chatting through the program.  In general, virtual assistants provide administrative and/or creative assistance from a remote location. Most often, as you might have guessed, this is a home-based office.Essentially, a virtual assistant is the digital equivalent of an office secretary.


Home Based Business Opportunity #3 – Copy Editor
Everyone could use a second pair of eyes to evaluate their work – especially folks that don’t consider themselves to be very good writers. A copy editor works to edit and improve the overall formatting, grammar, style, and accuracy of text that’s been previously written by someone else. This is the work that’s done BEFORE the text is typeset for printing or proof read.  Usually, the only requirements to become a copy editor are excellent knowledge of the language editing, the ability to spot errors in facts, the ability to think critically, attention to detail, and a sense of style. Of course staying productive is also a good attribute to have.


Home Based Business Opportunity #4 – Ghost Writing
On the other edge of the content coin, if you are a better writer than editor, you could take up a home-based career as a ghost writer for others.Ghost writing could involve writing anything from articles and blog posts, to white papers and editorial columns.Some other types of projects you could take on as a ghost writer include stories, reports, autobiographies, songs, etc. In some cases, you might be given an outline to work from. Other times, you’ll be asked to do additional research and, basically write from scratch.


Home Based Business Opportunity #5 – Consulting
Everyone has something they’re especially good at.
If your knowledge and talents are in-demand and provide value to others, chances are you could offer your time as a consultant. If you are especially good at developing time-management systems and/or organizing space, there are numerous people that could benefit from such knowledge. In most cases, there are two forms of consultants:


1. Internal Consultant – One who works with a specific company but is also available for outside clients.


2. External Consultant – One who is employed externally by a firm or agency and is hired on a temporary basis. The basic idea of hiring a consultant is to get access to proven expertise on a specific topic or area of interest.


Here are some other ideas for areas one could become a consultant in:
1. Accounting
2. Childbirth
3. Party Planning
4. Decorating
5. Dieting
6. Beauty
7. Advertising
8. estate Improvement
9. Human Resources
10.Tension Relief
11. Wedding Planning
12. Time Management
The possibilities are endless!


Closing Thoughts On Home Based Business Opportunities For Women.
The approach for finding an opportunity that’s right for you is to look at what interests you the most. Additionally, look at previous positions you’ve held or what sort of lifetime experiences you’ve had that could make you more knowledgeable than the average person.


While researching estate based business opportunities for women, you’ll find that there is certainly no shortage in potential careers – you just have to look.


Check out the banner below for an amazing business appropriate for women or men.





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