Starting your own internet business is not as daunting a task as most people seem to think it is. Internet sales around the world have actually increased over 1000% over the last six years, and will continue to keep rising as push button technology increases. Nearly one third of the world has home internet capability, and the youth of today are brought up on computers for studies, general interest and for seeking out things that they wish to purchase. All of this points to a future where the internet is more indispensable than oil. Internet based businesses are booming, and will continue to grow at alarming rates.


Starting a normal business has so numerous complications and overheads than an internet based business, such as expensive premises and refurbishment, then staff, shelving and the necessary security equipment like CCTV cameras, and then don’t forget the public liability insurance premiums. The stores are capable of serving only a limited number of customers at any one time. With an internet based business, the only real hardware needed to start one is a computer and internet connection.  Starting your own internet business has much cheaper start up costs than any other, and the target marketing area of customers for an internet business is the entire world.


Nearly all internet businesses come under three different titles: sales, services and information. These are the three main money makers over the internet, and each covers a multitude of different topics and items. Services can cover companies which fix televisions or unblock drains, sales can cover anything which might be able to be bought in any shop in the world, and information can be the finding of a persons family tree to finding a missing will; all over the internet and all make money.


To start an internet business, a person needs to know what they are going to sell or which service they are going to offer. Once this is understood, then a website will need to be created to display all that there is to offer, creating a website can be self taught.  But this may take a while and the free websites that are available on the internet may not be suitable.  A website builder will build your website for you, but will charge a monthly fee for updating the pages. Once your website is built and uploaded onto the internet, your brand-new internet business has started.


Always remember that each country has separate rules and regulations for internet based businesses, and normal taxes and possible global taxes will still need to be paid as will self employment contributions if necessary.


Click on the banner below for an outstanding and very profitable business to own.





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