It is a very simply process for the Democrats to take back the House and Senate in 2018, and the White House in 2020.  Here are the recommended steps:

(1) Clearly Articulate Democratic objectives, goals and plans based on constituent feedback and priorities;

(2) Consistently provide public exposure to objectives and plans using passionate surrogates on cable news networks, social media and other public forums;

(3) Promptly call out by name right-wing liars and fabrications with supporting facts;

(4) Implement a nationwide ground “get out the vote” campaign using motivated and passionate staff and volunteers; and

(5) Publicly support Party members who take on Trump, his staff, surrogates and cabinet officials through peaceful protests and non-violent confrontations. Democratic leadership should not have criticized Maxine Waters for her recent comments; she appears to be the one of the very few Democrats in congress who have backbone.

Once control of the Senate has been accomplished, STOP ALL future Federal judge confirmations until a new president is sworn in.  McConnell has already established a precedent when he deprived Obama from making his Supreme Court appointment.

In my opinion, the Democratic Party comes across as a non-passionate, weak entity that is afraid of its own shadow, and rarely get out in front of a situation.  In other words, toughness is not only indicated, but necessary.