Affiliate marketing sites require a lot of work to get going, but there are some loopholes to be exploited in the whole search-engine-ranking race. It’s tough to rank on search engines because you are going up against well-funded sites with years of experience. It may be impossible to ever upset the giants who rule the first page of Google, but you can drive traffic to your offers through a polling site instead. For example, if you want to promote a weight loss offer, you’ll find there are a zillion weight loss websites out there, some of them with years of presence on the web. You can attract an audience with an outrageous poll instead, and then send them to your offer as a thank you for giving their opinion on your poll.

How do polling sites work? You’ll need to secure a domain name, of course. Fill the polling site with content about what topics you’ll poll; you’ll need at least ten pages of legitimate content to avoid penalties from Google. Write up a weekly poll, and attach your broad-audience-appeal offer as the thank you for taking the poll. The offer doesn’t have to relate to the poll at all, which is how you get around all those specialty sites catering to the niche markets. To avoid looking like a scam site, you have to add good content to every poll, available to anyone.

If you hire a professional to write your polls and content, all you’ll have to do is set up the site and post their content. You’ll see what offers convert without having to fight your way through the Google ranking jungle of niche markets!


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