Conflicts are a natural part of life – we deal with them with our parents, with our siblings, with our spouses, and even with our own children. But often we also deal with conflicts in the workplace, and these can be the most difficult conflicts to resolve. Because of the foundation of relationship we have with those close to us, we are typically more well-equipped to deal with familial conflicts. In the workplace, however, conflicts often deal with people we hardly know (or, at least, with people we wish we hardly knew!), and this can make them much more explosive. There is no magic elixir that can make workplace conflicts go away completely in an infallible manner, but there certainly are specific things you can do that will enable you to diffuse workplace conflicts before they spin out of control, no matter how close they are to spinning out of control already.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dealing with conflict, especially in the workplace, is assigning blame. If you tell someone on your project team, “You don’t do any work,” they are far less likely to listen to you, and you are therefore far less likely to resolve the conflict, than if you express, “I feel like I am doing all the work.”

The “us versus the problem” is an especially positive approach to take when dealing with conflicts. Instead of pitting two individuals against one another, the “us versus the problem” approach essentially says, “Yes, there is a problem, so let’s identify it and work it out together. This is also a great way to avoid placing blame, as the problem becomes something both people are fighting against together, instead of something that is being ascribed to one person.

Finally, although it might be tempting to do so, do not always involve your superiors in an argument. You can introduce bitterness into your relationship with your coworker very quickly when you involve someone else. Furthermore – no matter who is “right” and who is “wrong” – nobody looks good when a conflict gets taken to a higher-up.

Conflict resolution is not always easy, but it is often necessary. Instead of fighting and making your conflicts worse, learn how to solve them.





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Although many people imagine working from home would be an absolute dream, they are usually surprised – if this dream comes true – to find that it is more work than they expected. One of the toughest parts of working from home is the fact that you have to remain disciplined to work. If you are unable to remain disciplined, you might find yourself still working far later into the night than you planned to, as you finish up your work from the day. And if you begin working at home, you may actually find that not being home is sometimes the best way to “work from home.”

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You will need to make sure you go to a place that has internet when it comes to picking from all the available places that are good for working. After all, you will probably need a connection to the internet in order to do your work if your work allows you to work from home.

Even though it is easy to find places where free internet is offered – places such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Panera – you will also want to test the internet. Oftentimes, at these places where many people are using the internet at once, it can be extremely unreliable. What you will probably find is that the best internet connection is at such places as Panera Bread Company or Atlanta Bread Company – during the time of day not considered “peak hours.” At these places, “peak hours” falls between about 11 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon – basically, right around lunch time. Although this might seem to be a bit inconvenient, considering that it falls right in the middle of the day, it is actually perfect. After all, you can end up in the same “work rut” if you work in the same place every day, all day as you could end up in at home!

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You should typically try to work from home as much as you can, when you are working from home. But you should also know where all the places are around you that would be good for working away from home, as this will allow you to easily “escape” to these places at those times when it becomes difficult to focus at home!