BRU60400571About three years ago when a friend asked me to join his bowling league team, reluctantly, I said yes. I was thinking that I hadn’t been in a bowling league for over forty years and probably couldn’t hit the head pin in three tries. But I got out my old maxim bowling ball, nothing like the new Maxim Blue, and bowling shoes and there I was, a member of the Friday Afternoon Seniors. Here are a few tips about a bowling league that may be of interest.

It doesn’t matter if you are “bad.” In the beginning, my performance was miserable. Initially, I threw a few gutter balls. My friend kept encouraging me and promised that I would recapture the bowling spirit I enjoyed over forty years ago. After a few weeks of bowling my contribution to my team was my massive handicap and my score looked pretty good because of it.

Equipment. One thing about bowling is that you don’t have to have your own equipment to play. Bowling shoes are already available for rental along with a variety of “house balls.” While “house balls” and the bulky “house shoes” are okay for the beginner, nothing takes the place of a properly fitted ball and your own comfortable shoes. Although my old ball worked years ago, it just couldn’t handle the newer pins and bowling lane conditions. Therefore, I searched in some of the coolest bowling balls on the market and finally purchased a new ball. I also bought a new pair of bowling shoes. If I was going to compete in a league, I thought I had better get updated equipment. My new equipment made the difference and I ended up the season with the “most improved bowler” award.

Duration. A bowling league is a 33 to 35 week commitment depending on the league. Sometimes when emergencies come up causing you to miss a game, there is always someone available to “sub” for you. The commitment also gives you a chance to get to know folks that you wouldn’t get to know otherwise.

Seriousness. Some people take bowling too seriously and even though your goal is to win on any particular afternoon, the following week would present another opportunity. There is some money attached to finishing the league well, but not too much. Bowling is basically a game where you throw a heavy ball at a set of pins that you want to fall down. But even when you don’t bowl that well, it is still a lot of fun. Each roll down the lane is an opportunity for recovery. The good news is that you will get better. During this current season, I was able to score a whopping 231 game, so improvement (and a little luck) is possible.

If you have ever considered joining a bowling league, go for it. Don’t worry if you “stink” at first because you are not alone in that regard. Bowling is good exercise, an excellent challenge, and you will have a great time as you get better each time you play. 

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