The current Republican front-runner for President of the United States is Willard Mitt Romney who says that as a Mormon, he is a Christian who espouses Christian values.  One of the most significant freedoms Americans have is the freedom of religion and I don’t believe that religious beliefs should necessarily disqualify any American for public office including the presidency.  Romney has every right to seek the Republican nomination for President; however, are there rituals within the Mormon faith that contradict their Christian claims?

The Mormon religion was founded by Joseph Smith around 1830 in the United States of America. It is a fast growing religious movement which claims more than 12 million worldwide as of 2006. Mormons teach that historical Christianity is totally apostate, and God raised up Joseph Smith as a prophet to restore it. In addition to using the Bible (which they believe is totally inadequate), Mormons believe that the “revelations” “discovered” by Joseph Smith which came to be written down as the “Book of Mormon” are Scripture. They also base their religious structure on two other books: “Doctrines and Covenants” and “The Pearl of Great Price” as well as the pronouncements of their “living prophets”, which they teach are Scripture and binding on all true believers.

Mormonism spreads primarily through its worldwide missionary efforts – good young unmarried Mormon men are required to do two years missionary service. There are other recommendations for women and for those who have finished with child rearing responsibilities. Mormonism appeals to many on the basis of its appeal to strong family values. But a deeper look into this mysterious and fascinating religion reveals all kinds of peculiar practices and beliefs.

Mormons teach that God was once a man and that man may become a God. Mormons are taught that God the Father is now on a planet near the star Kolob with his wives having spiritual children. They believe that Jesus and Lucifer (Satan) were once spirit brothers. They once taught that Jesus was married to more than one wife.  More on these teachings later in this article.

At some point, a number of Mormons get involved in strange secret rites that are practiced at special Mormon temples. These rites include baptism for the dead. Mormons believe that by being baptized “in proxy” for their departed relatives and for others, they can release their souls to be able to enter a higher paradise. Mormons also believe in the importance of wearing a special kind of magic underwear, which is supposed to protect them somehow. This underwear is supposed to be worn at all times except when washing. The underwear has on it certain images from the occult-ed religion of freemasonry. Mormon temples are reputedly full of Masonic imagery – apparently Joseph Smith was a freemason also at one stage. The temple rituals are supposed to be totally secret. However some former temple workers who left the Mormon Church have revealed the rituals as they were and probably are still practiced.

The Mormon publication, “The Doctrine of Salvation, V.1.” on page 188 states that “Mormonism so-called stands or falls on the history of Joseph Smith. For either he was a prophet, with divine calling, name and empowerment, or he was one of the greatest charlatans the world has ever known”.

If Joseph Smith was a true prophet from God, then his prophecies should have come to pass. However, there are plenty of instances where they did not. For example, Joseph Smith claimed that before 1891, and before he reached the age of 85, Jesus Christ would return. Well, Joseph Smith did not reach the age of 85 – he was murdered on the 27th of July 1844. And we know that Jesus Christ didn’t return before 1891 bringing an end to the present world order.

Smith prophesied in 1832 concerning the American civil war that the British would get involved and the war would extend to all nations. This is just one of his false prophecies concerning the American civil war. Smith also predicted the demise of the government of the state of Missouri which had displeased him – this never happened. He prophesied that the civil war would not result in the freedom of ‘Ham’ – this could not happen until the millennium according to Smith. Here again Smith was demonstrating just what a false prophet he was.

As to the character of Joseph Smith Jr., the historical record is clear that he was a man who sneaked off and took multiple wives, including the wives of other men, to be his own wives. He justified this with special revelations, claiming God told him to do it. Brigham Young, one of the early “apostles” of Mormonism apparently had 19 or more wives. Although the Mormon Church today does not advocate polygamy or polyandry, why shouldn’t they be willing to follow the leadership of their own Prophets? Could it be that those Prophets were in error, or did God actually command them to do these things?




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