Are you concerned about your sales copy? Perhaps you’ve wasted your energy trying to make a quick buck without selling the experience. Effective sales copy paints such a compelling picture of the experience of buying that the customer can practically feel, taste, and smell how amazing it will be. Check out these five, easy ways to improve your sales copy.

Make your sales copy visually stunning. Your sales copy should grab and hold attention with stunning visuals. Carefully choose colors, images, and design such that it communicates quality, reliability, and brand.

Use sales copy that appeals to as many of the five senses as possible. You need to write sales copy that is so descriptive that it makes your readers ache for relief if you’re selling pain killers, salivate if you’re selling ice cream, and shiver if you’re selling winter coats.

Win the sale by selling him the experience associated with buying your service or product. Are you selling car insurance? Paint the picture of what it’s like to have an accident without insurance, and then describe how much relief he will feel if he has insurance. Are you in the massage therapy business? Describe how it feels to be uptight and dealing with a sore back, and then describe how your customer will feel after having a massage and those tense muscles have been coaxed into relaxing.

Use only quality for your sales copy. Your sales copy needs to screams “top notch”. That means you need to hire a good copywriter, use quality materials, and take the time to design ads that wow. Remember: your sales copy is the only impression a customer may get of you and your business. Refuse to use any sales copy that appears less than the best.

Focus on the customer, not the sale. Don’t slap together a lame “BUY NOW” sales flyer or ad. Write about your company’s promise to deliver satisfaction, focusing on the customer experience.

If you can sell the experience, you’ll close the sale.