Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Are you already in business for yourself, but are looking for a relatively inexpensive area in which to expand? Do you want to start a house based business that you can do without quitting your regular job?


If any of these cases apply to you – and you have an interest in the media industry – then read on. Here are 10 media related businesses that you can start for less than $5,000.


1. A Barter Publication
Everybody has stuff that they would certainly like to get rid of. And everybody likes cheap stuff. You can bring these people together by starting a barter publication in your community. Revenue can be earned through subscriptions or advertising space sales.


2. Brochure Design
Every business needs good business brochures. If you have a knack for designing things, you can help businesses in your area by designing their brochure printing. Several small businesspeople are afraid to try doing this on their own, and would certainly be more than willing to let you design their brochure printing (and pay you for it, too).


3. Copy-writing
A copywriter is basically a freelance writer who writes for a variety of different businesses. Jobs would certainly include sales copy, newsletters, articles, and several other things. It’s easy to get started as a copywriter: just search for “freelance writing” jobs.


4. Graphic Design
This is a popular entrepreneurial idea. You could be surprised to learn, however, that it is not very expensive to start up as a graphic designer. It just takes a bit of leg work to get your name and talent out there. Once you get established, though, it will go much more smoothly.


5. How-to Books
Yes, you can write manuals for a living, and you do not even have to deal with grouchy editors who constantly reject your work. How? By writing eBooks, which are just manuals in electronic format. Write about how to do something, and sell it electronically.


6. Write Jingles
If you are a music wiz, this one is for you. You can write the “jingles” for radio and TV commercials, and perhaps even TV shows.


7. Press Release Writing
While this could fall under the “copywriter” category, you could make a decent living writing nothing but press releases. Thousands of brand-new businesses start up every year, and they all need good press releases to let the public know about them.


8. Restaurant Menus
If you love food and graphic design is a talent that you possess, you can make money by designing menus for restaurants in your area. Simply ask the manager if he needs (or wants) a brand-new menu designed.


9. Greeting Cards
You can produce your own line of greeting cards and turn a nice profit. Of course, you have to have a way with words, and you have to be able to design. If you can do both, try your hand at writing and designing specialty greeting cards.


10. Transcripts
You would certainly be amazed at how many transcripts need to be written. Everything from radio shows to commercials to TV shows need transcripts written for them. Get in on the action by offering to write them for a fee.


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