When one is looking for home based business ideas one should consider buying trends. One of the big trends to consider is the amount of money Americans spend on their pets. According to the American Pets Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), Americans are spending 43.4 billion dollars a year to care for and pamper their pets. If you love animals, and would certainly like to make some extra money working part-time or full time, you should consider pet business ideas. Think of the following numbers as you consider cashing in along with pet business ideas.


Including food, medical care and pampering Americans spent:
o 17 billion dollars in 1994
o 41 billion dollars in 2007
o 43.4 billion dollars in 2008


It is amazing that in spite of high profile scandals over tainted pet food, and a mortgage crisis leading to an uptick in number of foreclosures in 2008, Americans still managed to spend 43.4 billion dollars to care for and pamper our pets. In addition, the industry predicts a seven percent growth per year until 2011.


This trend will continue because of three factors that are of interest to pet owners.
o Humanization
o Health
o Convenience


Humanization: As pet owner we tend to humanize our pets. We literately want them to live in the lap of human luxury. Special beds, toys, and even clothes interest pet owners.


Health: Any product or service that contributes to the physical and emotional health of our pets is a product or service worth investigating. All natural treats and supplements to keep pets healthy and strong could be big business. Some businesses related to the care of pets require minimal training such as certificates and internships.


Convenience: Americans are a busy productive people and any service or product that can save us time is saving us money. If it can make it easier for us to care for the ones we love, including our pets it is a product we will find desirable.


As you brainstorm about different pet business ideas, think organic, holistic, and natural. You can start locally or build a web site that could draw a national or worldwide following. You can focus on your favorite breed of cat or dog. How about a website dedicated to the care of small or large dogs. All you have to do is find your niche. Along with research and a small investment, you can get your piece of this 43.4 Billion.


However, if you are looking for an outstanding business where most of the work is done for you, and you can earn several thousand dollars per month, click on the banner before for FREE information and all of the details.




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