As you build your home based business, you’ll no doubt crave a little extra guidance. And if that’s the case, I figured some folks may be interested in reading (or at least having it as a reference) Home Based Business For Dummies. The “For Dummies” manuals are great reference resources that cover every nugget of essential information on a variety of different subjects.


You can check the book out on Amazon, or get an idea of what it’s about by reading the review below. Either way, I encourage you to check the book out..


Home Based Business For Dummies Part I: The Beginning Of Your Business


As you would certainly expect, the book starts off by offering a ton of helpful advice for would-be home based business owners.


Information like:
– Basic marketing and how to attract the right customers to your business…
– Current “hot” opportunities and ideas for future home based business owners…
– Putting together a business plan for your home based business…
– Plus, cash flow tips and how to finance and acquire startup funds…


Home Based Business For Dummies Part II: Managing Your Money


The book transitions from some of the first points, right into the nitty gritty of managing the money for your brand-new home based business. You’ll discover how to keep track of your money, how to determine what you should be charging, how to get control of your taxes (and deductions…plus, making the transition to being your own boss and how to go about getting health insurance and planning for a comfortable retirement.


It’s no secret that managing your money is probably the essential lesson to learn for anyone, especially someone who cuts their own checks.


Home Based Business For Dummies Part III: More Problems And How To Avoid Them
This section is all about how to navigate the shark-infested waters of scam artists, opportunity rip-offs, and a variety of legal land mines. It’s all about the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts of owning your own business, and how to keep your wallet safe and hands clean.


Home Based Business For Dummies Part IV: How To Make It Work As A Home Based Business Owner


As a home based business owner, there are a few scenarios that will likely creep up during your new found career:


1. You’ll need to figure out how to keep yourself on track;.
2. You need to set boundaries and understandings with family, and figure out how to run your business while staying focused on family; and.
3. Finally, how to avoid complacency and continue the growth of your business…


If any of those sound like possibilities (they are for everyone), the fourth part of the book will get you sorted.


Home Based Business For Dummies Part V: A Whole Lotta 10’s
Like lists? Who doesn’t?


This section of the book contains several different lists on a variety of different aspects of life as a home based business owner.


You can check out the table of contents on Amazon, but some of them are:
1. 10 Tips To Succeed In Your Home Based Business
2. 10 Things To Avoid
3. 10 Myths About Working From Home
4. 10 Things To Do If Times Get Tough


Closing Thoughts On Home Based Business For Dummies


Overall, the book is the perfect resource for someone looking to safely and successfully navigate the path from employee to self-employed.



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